Parkside Residence

300sqm | 2017
Project Team

Project Description

This Vaucluse park-side residence already had it all, however it lacked the more modern aspect of connection and flow between the various areas.
The design focused on relocating the pool from the shady rear to the sunny front yard and expanding the existing garage at street level. This allowed existing rooms and spaces to be logically connected to the new areas without invasive remodelling, whilst also allowing for simplified vertical access between the levels of the house and significantly improving the amenity of all areas.

This concentrated approach minimised the extent of the construction area, largely safe-guarding the established residence. The new front garden, pool and pool house, make for an improved private open space, elevated above street level and retaining its tranquil and leafy park-side setting. Converting parts of the steep roof as an accessible attic open up some harbour views over the park.


Construction Phase

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Project Drawings

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