Ostend House

600sqm | 2022
Project Team

Project Description

Elevated high above Parsley Bay in Vaucluse with sweeping harbour views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Manly this home is designed for the whole family.

The first step was to re-arrange the circulation spaces, which primarily ensured privacy to the bedroom level, sandwiched between living areas and garden level and which also cleaned up several hallway and walk-through rooms.

Its single storey and modest appearance to the street front deliberately belies the space and versatility of the dwelling beyond. The existing upside-down arrangement was kept despite the disconnection of top floor living areas form the garden level. Instead the addition of an all-weather alfresco area expands the game room to a second living area, one that effortlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces.

The delineation of Kitchen, Dining and Living rooms has been erased to make for an all-inclusive family area for everyday living as much as entertaining. As a counterpoint several smaller breakout spaces allow individuals to escape for relaxation or study.

The result is a robust, functional and adaptable home, made for living, sharing and enjoying every day.

“The approved design will significantly improve public and private amenity of this house.”

Construction Phase

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Project Drawings

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